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Carpool / Vanpool


Carpooling is simply two or more people driving together in one vehicle to their destination.  

It is easy because few people are involved, a carpool is flexible and can usually accommodate everyone's needs. 

Carpooling saves money because poolers are sharing in the cost of driving one car.  In a carpool, you save on gas, the cost of parking, and wear and tear on a vehicle.

Carpoolers receive "commuter insurance" with the Guaranteed Ride Home program.


A vanpool is a group of five to 15 people with similar commutes (consistent start time and destination) of 20+ miles to and from work who share a comfortable van provided by the MichiVan Vanpool Program. They usually live and work in approximately the same areas and work roughly the same hours.

Members pay a monthly fee that helps cover the costs of the van, fuel, maintenance, and insurance. One person volunteers to be the primary driver of the van and rides free.

Vanpoolers are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Carpool Parking Lots

Carpoolers and vanpoolers can use the Michigan Department of Transportation carpool lots as a meeting point.