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Employer Benefits

How can MiRideshare benefit my company?


Employer Benefits

Registering with MiRideshare is just one of many employer benefits available. You will to able to evaluate the commute options your employees use and assess what travel reduction programs will work best for your employees and your company. MiRideshare allows your company representative to download daily, weekly, or monthly reports that will indicate how many employees participate from your company, their commute choice, and their trip and emission reductions. The company representative will also be able to post commute notices and personalize MiRideshare to fit your company's needs.

MiRideshare can provide comprehensive reports for compressed workweeks, flexible schedules, telecommuting, and bus, vanpool, bicycling or walking.

This employee benefit can attract and retain skilled employees. While your employees enjoy transportation allowances and reduced traffic-related stress, your company benefits through:

  • tax and cost savings,
  • reduced parking challenges and/or costs,
  • healthier employees,
  • recognition for your clean air programs.

How can I register my company?

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